About us

Ramsoft offerings revolve around our capacity to successfully build and operate teams.

Such extended teams are used by our clients to handle their own internal needs or in turn, to support their global customers and markets. Starting off as a small software development organization, when India was not yet accepted as an offshore destination, Ramsoft has grown substantially over these years.

Our services have increased the efficiency, speed and productivity of corporations, OEMs, governmental organizations, and research institutions. Ramsoft specializes in building long-term relationships with clients, offering ‘full service’ in accomplishing their technology and marketing goals. We work closely with client teams, across projects and in all stages of a project life cycle, providing input/services that improve and enhance their products, methods, solutions and teams.

Ramsoft’s support covers a wide range – from complex systems & software development projects to creation of technology or marketing teams and setting up of Offshore bases and development centers