case study – facilitation

Marketing Team for research, dealer management and direct sales & marketing activities

Motivation : A high-value capital equipment company had been selling their machinery in India for decades. However, they had no physical presence in India. They were working with non-exclusive dealers, who got them some business but there was no focused effort to tap the whole potential in India. They realized that despite being in this market for years, they have not built a brand image. Wanted to change this.

Solution : Ramsoft, Initially, supported the client by first level information on the Indian market. We then executed a pilot to collect and analyze market details. This threw up some options on extending their dealer network and on direct marketing possibilities. With these, the client could formulate a clear strategy for the Indian market. Ramsoft created a small team of a senior marketing resources and supported this team with all other organizational needs – Infrastructure, Connectivity, Administration, HR & Payroll support. Specific processes put in place for control of this team by client’s global marketing managers. Market Research, networking of dealers and Direct marketing were the key activities performed by the India team.

Working Model : The initial pilot was done by Ramsoft’s team, on a project basis. As a next step, some of Ramsoft’s marketing resources were used on a continual basis for a few months to run direct campaigns. This was on a time and material basis. Later, a dedicated marketing team was created for the client and this was operated by Ramsoft. Clients were involved in the selection and formation of their extended marketing team. This was on a Build-Operate model.

Takeaways : Significantly enhanced brand value in the market. Increased comfort level and trust factor among their existing and prospective customers in India. This was due to the presence of company representatives in the market. In addition to driving their existing business, our client was able to create new sales & distribution channels. All these, without any major investment and operational overheads.