Ramsoft has worked on variety of projects in Data, Tele and Mobile communication domains. These include protocol implementation (Communication and Security) on a number of environments, network management applications, satellite and mobile communication networks, configuration management tools, billing platforms, service handlers and our own generic mobile extension framework.

SNMP Protocol Implementation on dedicated Print Server : Implementation of SNMP agent and manager in an embedded system for a dedicated LAN that also handles enterprise MIBs.

Video Server Management : Generation of enterprise MIBs and distributed agents to manage a video server complex.

Global satellite-based communications system : Ramsoft was a part of a team that provided ubiquitous telephone, Internet access and Private Data Network facilities using a geo-stationery satellite network.

System Control Segment Messaging Subsystem (parameter & operator manager) : A Network Management Handler (NMH) for the satellite network to provide remote management capabilities.

Configuration/Fault Management for Mobile Telephony Network.

High-level Architecture for Global Satellite Communication Network.

Billing Mediation Platform: Product development and enhancements.

Fault Management Platform: Product maintenance and transition to new architecture.

REACH: A framework that extends applications to mobile devices. Using REACH applications have been implemented in the following domains: Print media, Advertising, Real-time content, Polling, Interactive TV, Secure-ID and Mobile Payment. Application concepts in a number of other domains like Authentication, Public Transport, Emergency Services, Entertainment, Shopping, Banking and CRM are also currently prototyped.