Embedded System

Embedded Systems

Ramsoft has been involved in complex Real-Time embedded systems projects since 1987. The projects covered Avionics, Instrumentation, ATE/ATP and Communications domains. These were commercial and defense projects requiring robust architecture, design, coding, and integrated testing. Projects had multiple technology needs covering kernels, device drivers, emulation/simulations, protocol implementations and automated testing.

Most Avionics and defense work required conformance to US DOD standards. Apart from software engineering methodologies and standard, they had extensive documentation requirements (Mil-2167A).

Sample systems and applications in Real-Time Embedded Systems

Emulation of Avionics Subsystems: Functional emulation of more than 15 Remote Terminals (RTs) for verification of Bus Controller (BC) Software. The emulation also involved error injection, message history, status display etc. The RTs were emulated on dedicated PCs set up in a test rig, using PC-compatible 1553B boards using touch-sensitive screens for display.

Complete Avionics Communications Subsystem: The analysis, design, development and testing of an integrated communications subsystem for an aircraft. Using state-of-the-art ‘fly-by-wire’ technology, this avionics subsystem features redundancy, stringent timing constraints and real-time data capture and analysis.

Operational Flight Software: This software handles all the messages from the various Aircraft equipments. It converts the data received into engineering units as per the Interface Control Document for that equipment and then processes it. It also prepares the data to be sent to the equipments.

Message Analysis Software and 1553B Bus Monitoring Tools: An application to monitor and analyze messages on multiple-frames of 1553B buses. It has features to get 1553B characteristics like: Bus load in % – peak, RT-wise, message-type-wise, Unique messages on the bus, Message periodicity, Multi-Bus message frame capture, Display of all status words, Bus idle time display, Display of message count – error, no error.

Gyro Stabilized Control System – IRDE: The Sighting system is a gyro stabilized control system that stabilizes line of sight to a high degree of accuracy against vehicular disturbances in the azimuth and elevation axes. It consists of Gimbal Payload Assembly, Sight Electronics Unit, Control Panel, Grip Control Switches, Control Unit, Azimuth Bearing Indicator, Base Gyro unit and Remote Debugging Monitor. It was developed using pSOS, Motorola 68K, DSP based Control Software technology

Digital Engine Control Software for LCA: DECS is a full authority digital engine control system for the Engine that is used to power the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA). DECS consists of hydro-mechanical components, drives, actuators, sensors, conditioning and controlling electronics and embedded software.

Interactive Driver (CUBE) for UT1553B BCRTM chip: CUBE is interactive software, which helps to exercise the Ponsor UT1553B board effectively. It is a menu driven software with a lot of useful functions using which you can start operating the board in no time.

Preform Control System: PCS is a WINDOWS based process control software for manufacturing preforms, an intermediate product in the development of optical fibers. It provides an integrated environment to setup, configure and manage the system.