In the past Three decades, Ramsoft has grown from a small consulting house to a global organization. Here are a few select events, for you to get a feel for our evolution.

Over the past 25+ years, Ramsoft has grown from a small consulting house to an organization delivering international projects in development, team building and facilitation services. Here are a few select events, for you to get a feel for our evolution.

2010 – Current

  1. Australia becomes Ramsoft’s new market (an addition to existing Europe & US)
  2. Accreditation by quasi-government organizations in Europe for Ramsoft’s facilitation services
  3. Team building services offered in remote administration of Systems & Network and IT infrastructure support space
  4. Strategic expansion of marketing team
  5. Strengthening of relationships with Business hubs, Chamber of Commerce and Cantons
  6. Partnership to launch Facilitation Services in key markets
  7. Enhanced focus on IT service offerings to machinery and manufacturing industries

2005 – 2010

  1. Partnership with Swiss associate for offering SAP services
  2. Profiles.com offered as a product, in the Indian market
  3. Joint venture entity in India, with an international Embedded Systems organization
  4. Facilitation and incubation service offerings
  5. Market research and tele-marketing support for partners
  6. Focus on domains like Health Care & Insurance
  7. Global Training and Process consulting initiatives
  8. Good mix of outsourcing models for small and medium sized clients
  9. Projects on Content Management and Document Management systems
  10. Added thrust to Open Source Solutions and Teams
  11. BizQ – A Management Gaming product development and co-marketing

2000 – 2005

  1. ISO certification
  2. Virtual Software Lab Focus; Teams built under BO and BOT schemes
  3. German subsidiary formed
  4. Quick and More – a Mobile application for media, launched in Switzerland
  5. REACH – mobile framework of Ramsoft was built. Application extensions for various Domains/Industry Verticals
  6. A complete Build-Operate-Transfer of a large product development team was carried out
  7. Offshore development and operational support for European Software/Technology Houses
  8. Network of partners and associates formed in Europe and USA
  9. REACH Concepts for India – PureBuy, a concept to curb spuriousness
  10. Asset, Risk and Portfolio Management teams for clients
  11. A host of products for internal use built – eClassware, an authoring system and Profiles.com, a Human Resources tool

1995 – 2000

  1. Ramsoft’s Software Development Center – A high technology facility, Operational
  2. A number of Embedded Applications for OEMs/Research Labs
  3. Iridium Project – Ramsoft team awarded by the Six Sigma Lab
  4. Head-up-display(HUD)/ Multifunction display for a modern fighter aircraft
  5. Focus on Multimedia, Client Server, Networking Projects
  6. Offshore Testing of Tele-banking project
  7. Productization of an Internet Security Protocol for VPN applications
  8. Multi-tier global Portfolio Management application
  9. Focus on network management & protocol implementation projects
  10. Digital editing (Media) Product development
  11. A large Re-Engineering project for a US bank
  12. Creative partnership award from an Indian Defense Research Establishment
  13. Global Telecom Projects successfully delivered from Bangalore
  14. Classware for Windows launched – adopted by some institutions

1990 – 1995

  1. Swiss subsidiary set-up in Neuchatel
  2. Advanced training courses in Defense Labs
  3. Industrial and Banking applications for commercial clients
  4. Focus on Instrumentation and Real-time embedded systems
  5. Data acquisition software for Automotive Testing
  6. A variety of emulation/simulation and test systems
  7. Software for tests and measurements using GPIB / HPIB
  8. Classware – An authoring tool launched in Singapore
  9. Multifunction Keyboard for a Defense Electronics Lab
  10. Regional payroll for a multinational bank
  11. Global focus of Ramsoft, with Europe as a new target

1985 – 1990

  1. Started in 1985, by a group of young technocrats
  2. Dedicated banking applications using C language
  3. Spreadsheet and Data Maintenance products under Unix platform
  4. Advanced technical training courses for OEMs and R&D Labs
  5. Conformance to MIL–1553B and MIL 2167A Standards
  6. SLATE – An automated testing language was developed by Ramsoft
  7. Complex flight control and on-board simulation software
  8. Offshore and onsite projects with US clients