F A Qs

1. What do you do?

Ramsoft Technologies is an international systems and applications software development company. Founded in 1985, we have been providing software solutions to the industrial, defense and commercial sectors in US, Europe and Asia. We have a collective experience of over six hundred person-years in software design and development. This has paved the way for us to render an efficient and high quality solutions to solve the complex problems of a fast-growing world of today and tomorrow. Having specialized in offshore software development, Ramsoft provides customized solutions and consultancy services for all phases of the software development life cycle. We take up software development projects with project management as our responsibility and execute them with an ideal mix of onsite (in client-country) and offshore (in India) efforts. We set up dedicated teams in India for our clients, to be managed directly by the client. Our clients get high quality solutions at very competitive prices. Our commitment to quality and schedules is reflected in a track record of sticking to the projected cost and time estimates. Our emphasis on customer interactions, care and our flexibility to their unique needs is reflected in a list of clients who have come back to us repeatedly. Our long-term association with premier defense and commercial research organizations has helped us build a strong technical team, gaining invaluable expertise and experience in various areas. At Ramsoft, we have an excellent background in the areas of Internet/ E-commerce, Communications, Real-time/Embedded systems and Banking & Finance.

2. Why should one outsource?

Many companies have discovered time and again, outsourcing of software development is becoming a necessity in today’s scenario of global markets and increased competition. Outsourcing to a stable partner can help you :

  • Manage your customers’ demands/expectations : It’s often quite difficult to get, and maintain, enough resources with just the skill set required for your projects, especially with technology changing every day. Hence, hiring of such resources may not be possible and/or fast enough most of the times. In such a case, outsourcing the development work to a partner who can complement your skills helps in effective, timely and quality deliveries.
  • Focus on your core competencies : Once you are free of the necessity to expand your energies on software development (by outsourcing), you will be able to focus on what you do best, identify your market needs and satisfy them in a profitable manner. Your solutions for your market will no longer be limited by the software you can deliver using only in-house teams.
  • Have a shorter time-to-market : The outsourcing partner will not only be able to build teams quickly, but will also be able to grow and shrink the team in a seamless manner, depending on the requirements of the project. This will ensure minimum lead-time for projects as well as maximum attention/efficiency during each stage of the project life cycle. This will considerably crunch elapsed time.
  • Optimum team-size/Focused team : You can maintain an ideal in-house software development team size. Your outsourcing partner can handle fluctuations in your software development requirements, by shrinking or growing their team. Moreover, your in-house team can focus more on customer interactions, requirements generation, project management and implementation, leaving the routine development to the outsourcing partner. In the absence of outsourcing, you would have had to maintain a large in-house team, some of whom may be redundant at certain periods of time.
  • Keep your costs low : Further, outsourcing to an offshore partner based in India would be very cost-effective, considering the low cost of operation in India.

3. What are your strengths?

A. Flexibility to give ideal model/solution : Ramsoft is a flexible partner who can customize the working model to fit your specific needs. One can choose from Fixed-Bid, Time and Material on-site and/or offshore teams, Virtual Software Lab or any mix of these models. We can provide the service to the clients using all these models. The objective is always to tailor a solution that fits your unique requirement.

B. Strong Project-Management skills : With Ramsoft, you get the advantage of strong project-management skills. Ramsoft has been managing projects since 1987 and we have been delivering projects using the offshore model since 1994. We have an impressive track record for on-time deliveries using the offshore model for the past several years. Some of our very satisfied clients include United Bank of Switzerland, IGEFI (Switzerland), Digital and Hewlett-Packard (US and India). For a complete client list, click here.

C. Strong Team-Building skills : Ramsoft has time and again shown a high degree of team-building skills. Engineers with the right expertise have been deployed in one shot or in a staggered manner, depending on the client’s request. This has been to the utmost satisfaction of our clients as it is evident in their citations. Some of them being IGEFI (Virtual Software Lab), Digital (team in Switzerland) and Aztec (team in India and USA).

D. Quality Processes in place : Being a projects company, we have always adhered to the software engineering methodologies and quality processes specified by our clients. Our project teams have successfully executed projects in the ISO 900X, Sigma, SEI-CMM and Mil-Std-2167A environments. Examples are: Hewlett-Packard with Sigma 6, Motorola with SEI-CMM Level 5, UBS with ISO 900X and the Indian defense laboratories with Mil-Std-2167A. At the enterprise level, we follow a balanced and effective mix of processes from the SEI-CMM, ISO and 2167A methodologies and are working towards achieving certification. Our processes have evolved over the years and have matured with time. We have taken care to ensure that they do not hamper individual brilliance and creativeness.

E. Experience : Ramsoft has a long history of successful delivery and satisfied clients, both inside and outside of India. Based on this experience we have created an internal document (Projects Defined Software Process) that acts as a guideline for every project we execute. This document is customized for each project by the concerned Project Manager and client contact and helps complete projects with minimum problems.

F. Medium size : Being a medium sized company, Ramsoft is large enough to have the necessary resources in-house and at the same time, it is small enough to be flexible to a client’s requirements.

G. Hi-Technology focus : Unlike other software companies who are involved in several vertical and horizontal domains of industry and areas of technology, Ramsoft has always maintained a steady focus on some core cutting-edge areas of technology. This focus helps in aligning the senior management to the needs of the customer vis-à-vis a multi-dimensional company.

H. Top-down Commitment : Senior Management (including founding Directors)involvement in the delivery and its quality is a striking feature.

4. Why should we outsource to Ramsoft?

According to McKinsey & Co., by year 2008, India is projected to achieve $70-80 billion in software exports. The Indian software and ITES sectors are poised to achieve long-term export potentials and their contribution to the GDP will also go up from just about 2% to 10% by year 2008.

We are the best in our business because we listen to our clients. We make sincere attempt to understand our clients’ objectives, and we collaborate to find solutions that fulfill them or exceed them. When it comes to the choice of the offshore partner for outsourcing, Ramsoft is a best choice due to the following reasons :

A. Skilled Pool of Resources : Partnering with Ramsoft ensures immediate availability of a dedicated, well trained team with current software engineering expertise, honed by pertinent international experience. At present we have a team of 125 software engineers with a varied skill set. Further, Ramsoft is based in India, which is identified by a World Bank study as a top outsourcing destination. In India, Ramsoft is based in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of Asia that ensures the availability of a talented resource pool from which teams can be configured quickly.

B. Global outlook : Ramsoft works out of a new, well-equipped and modern software development facility in India. Ramsoft has offices and clientele worldwide across Europe, US and India. Ramsoft’s team has been working on international projects for the last 6-7 years and the senior members have traveled extensively around the world (most of them have stayed and worked abroad). This leads to a high comfort level amongst our engineers and senior management personnel when interacting with customers from a different culture/country. This also leads to a high quality-consciousness and a desire to deliver at world-class standards.

C. Flexible delivery models : Ramsoft is a flexible partner who can customize the working model to fit your specific needs. One could choose from Fixed-Bid, Time-and-Material on-site and/or offshore teams, Virtual Software Lab or any mix of these models. We have delivered to clients using all these models. The objective is always to tailor a solution that fits your unique requirement.