How do you see India

There’s an old story of four blind men in a room describing the same elephant.

Obviously they had to touch it to describe it. Also, their descriptions varied, depending on which part of the elephant they were near. Understanding the Indian market and assessing its worth is almost similar. One can come away with an impression, entirely dependent on the specific aspect of India one is exposed to. Accurate or not, each person believes his or her assessment to be correct. A business entity cannot base its plans on such dip-stick measurements. It would be too risky to venture forth without fully understanding what India truly offers, not what it appears to promise.

And like the elephant in the room, India is too large a market to ignore. Ramsoft offers a service that makes this decision easier. By assigning their resources or creating dedicated ones for you in India, we offer market assessment, development and incubation services. This will enable international companies to scope out and explore the Indian market without making huge investments in manpower, organisation, or infrastructure.

You can now have eyes and ears in India from the familiarity of your office.
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