Internet Technologies

Internet Technologies

Keeping pace with the tremendous growth of the internet in the past years, we have executed a range of projects under web technology and e-services domains. Our expertise in providing web-based solutions got a big thrust when we successfully completed few large projects, including a multi-tier web-based portfolio management project for one of the world’s largest banks. Since then we have executed projects requiring web-based services for financial institutions and banks, on-line businesses, publishing and advertising companies, and OEMs.

Ramsoft delivered products and services to handle internet needs like financial services, Portfolio management, Advertising, Search engines, Language translation, Security/protocol implementation and Registry services. Our efforts ranged from simple web-enabling to complex multi-tier client-server initiatives or business process re-engineering and complete product/project development.

Our focus and expertise in web technology enables us to provide solutions using powerful technologies such as .NET, ASP, MTS, COM etc. This also gives our existing clients the added advantage of being able to talk to us and have their products/services moved to a web based platform.

Our technical expertise relevant to web includes: .NET, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, VB, Java, Web Services, VC++, Delphi, MTS, IIS and COM/DCOM.

Some of our web solutions….

  • Productization of an Internet security protocol for Virtual Private Network applications including enhancements, extensive testing and packaging
  • Web based multi-tier Global IT portfolio management application with extensive security features and generic interfaces to project management applications
  • Card registry for an Internet services company featuring redundancy, load balancing and adherence to international audit requirements
  • Extensive functional and user interface testing of a natural language processing based search engine
  • Web based document translation system featuring on-line and off-line execution modes, a multi-lingual interface and email/fax interfaces
  • Online web based integrated media advertising system featuring a scalable architecture and interfaces to SAP and sales management applications