Maintenance Services

Maintenance services

Performing in-house software application maintenance is a time consuming task, often overwhelming, and making it a costly proposition for any company. Most companies invest far more in to ongoing software maintenance and upgrades, or lifecycle support, than their initial investment to procure or develop the software. They also find it necessary to frequently upgrade their software to keep their competitive edge. This makes it necessary for them to have a responsive software maintenance team to ensure that applications are maintained and enhanced to keep pace with their business needs.

We have well defined methods for all our services, but one size doesn’t fits all. We keep our focus on our key areas and partner with companies who are specialists in their field – to give you best of breed. When you engage our Application Maintenance Services, we assign a team of software professionals to you, having profound expertise in your application and deep understanding of your business.

Our expert software professionals provide successful and timely support. They resolve the problems quickly, perform thorough tests, implement timely updates and document the changes as per the change management policies enforced.

Ramsoft provides cost effective software maintenance and upgrade services as part of our offshore services. With minimal onsite presence, we transition and move complex applications maintenance jobs to be completely handled by our teams, within projected time frames. Ramsoft provides a better way to control maintenance costs by benchmarking defects with modular software architecture. This enables modifications to sub-components without requiring changes throughout the entire software code base.

We get in to detailed SLAs covering – Service Times, Service Outages, Response Times, Reporting, Escalation and Performance Metrics.

Our approach reduces customer’s cost on software upkeep and minimizes their risk.

Sample maintenance projects handled by Ramsoft are given below

  • Unix OS command maintenance.
  • SEA worldwide maintenance for Sun.
  • ATP/ATE software maintenance of Defense Research Labs.
  • Media Application maintenance for International Organization.