PDSP – Projects Defined Software Process

Since its commencement two decades ago, Ramsoft has always strived to meet rigorous quality norms and the company has been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification. Ramsoft has formulated its own comprehensive template called PDSP, which encompasses all required processes across different types of projects. In most cases, a smaller set of these processes applies to any project, which we document and present to the customer prior to execution of the project. Awareness of the future plan on both the customer’s and our side, helps create a synergy between both the teams while providing a system for consensus on conflicting issues.

The PDSP document covers a wide spectrum of activities that are involved, important information that has to be made available, and various issues that may come up during the entire lifecycle of the project, from the time of inception of the project to the final delivery.

Our customers, partners and vendors have all appreciated us for our systems and quality oriented processes.