Product development as a service

Project/Product Development

Ramsoft specializes in providing complete software solutions in the areas of Communications (Telecommunications, Networking/Network Management and Internet Security), Banking & Finance, Integrated Business Systems and Real-Time Embedded Systems. Under these areas of focus, we have built and managed efficient teams of software personnel ranging from Project Managers right down to Software Design and Development Engineers.

We employ a competent resource pool of Consultants, Domain experts and Business Analysts to undertake a wide range of projects for software consultancy, development, maintenance and re-engineering of existing software. We work together with specialists from the commercial and research organizations and provide them with total software solutions. We have been involved in projects having the complete project cycle, i.e. conceptualization, functional specifications generation, software requirements specifications, design, development, testing, implementation and support. We have effectively used our Project Management capabilities to control and maintain the costs/schedules in these projects. We approach every project that we undertake with total professionalism and dedication.

Ramsoft has also created and marketed its own products, in the 1990s.

In the recent years, Ramsoft has created a framework called REACH, which can extend existing and new applications to devices like mobile phones, PDAs, Instant Messengers, set-top boxes and gaming consoles used everyday. We launched a print-media application with mobile access, created using REACH, in Switzerland and it received a great recognition. REACH can be applied to many verticals, including Banking/Finance, Emergency services, Transportation/Logistics, Shopping, Authentication, Entertainment, and so on.