Project Development

Ramsoft’s focus, since inception, has been on off-shore project development.

We have built skilled project teams and have processes in place to effectively manage a variety of development and support activities. Offshore projects undertaken by Ramsoft fall under the following major heads – Development, Testing & Quality Assurance, Migration and Maintenance. The model of execution depends on the clarity of requirements and is mutually agreed upon with the clients.

Multiple projects can run in tandem at our development centre. Each project team gets dedicated work area which can be logically & physically separated from other teams.

We have created a generic template of PDSP (Projects Defined Software Processes) which gets filled in for every project. This would cover issues like roles, contacts, level of testing, reviews, escalation etc. Clear understanding of client requirements is a key necessity in any long-distance development effort. Once a project is initiated, requirements are gathered by interaction with business users and a detailed requirements document is generated. This would be the basis for development and delivery.

Our business analysts and technical experts interact with the client, on a regular basis, to smoothly handle the development and testing phases. Periodic reviews are conducted along with clients, which ensure consistency, quality and conformance. Final implementation usually involves an onsite visit by the member’s development team.