Team Building Models

Ramsoft offers three different models for building an offshore team: Outsourced Team-building, Build-Operate or Build-Operate-Transfer of teams, and Insourcing.

International clients choose the model that best fits them based on their organizational strategy and priorities. Find below, brief notes on each of these models.

A. Outsourced Team-building
This is a conventional method of offshoring. Here, Ramsoft builds teams in its focus areas of work. These teams will remain with Ramsoft at the end of the project. This model is suitable for companies where technology or IT is not a core activity, and they are looking for short-term cost-savings on non-critical work. Key features of this model are:
- We build a team for clients that remains with us upon completion.
- We provide resources and standard Infrastructure.
- This model is suitable, typically, for short-term projects.
- It requires minimal commitment.
- Ramsoft allocates a Senior Executive to manage the account / delivery.
- This model is costlier than the other two models.

B. Build-Operate OR Build-Operate-Transfer of teams
This is a widely used model of offshoring, and recommended where the client has a need for extended teams or when their requirement is medium to long term. Suitable for companies wanting to own the center some time and are today unsure of their India plans. Key elements of BO or BOT are:
- We build a team for clients, manage them and transfer them, if required, at the end of the contractual period.
- We provide the standard Infrastructure and create new facilities during the transfer.
- This model is suitable for Medium to long-term projects, with an option to own an offshore team, if required.
- Build-Operate model is flexible. Client can customize the actual creation, scaling and operations of the team.
- BO & BOTs are less expensive than outsourced teams.

C. Insourcing
This is an emerging model for offshoring, and we recommend it when the client has a long-term requirement. It is suitable for companies who want to own a development center in India for core application development and support services. Ideal for product companies. Some advantages of this model are:
- The team is on your payroll from day One. At Indian costs!
- We hire or create the Infrastructure (included in the costs) for you, on need basis.
- It retains the core team and has higher IP protection.
- Mainly suitable for long-term projects with higher commitment. Think of it like a captive center.
- Offers highest cost-benefit. Clients only pay monthly charges for all our infrastructure and efforts.
Additionally, Ramsoft provides a CEO, if required, to manage the base in India.