Team building

Ramsoft’s ability to build and deploy teams for a specific need is rather unique.

We blend talented individuals into a productive unit by identifying professionals with right skills, introducing necessary processes, providing good work environment and offering management guidance. Team building has evolved as a key component of all services offered by Ramsoft – one that has immensely benefited our clients and is well appreciated. Team creation involves careful filtering of resources from a large resource network precisely based on the specialized needs of the project. Through Ramsoft’s home-grown processes to handle distributed teams, clients find it convenient to control their extended teams. Teams enjoy the work culture and ambience at Ramsoft’s Center. Regular reviews to monitor quality, adherence and conformance result in these teams ramping up quickly and delivering sooner than expected time frames. A wide range of global projects executed by Ramsoft reflects its capabilities in team formation, process set-up, execution and control.

Ramsoft has been offering team building services from the early 1990s. Apart from software development, teams have been created for Marketing, Engineering, Research and IT administration activities. Organizations have also set up their global or centralized centers for Technical/Customer support, Help desk, Network or IT Infrastructure administration and other BPO/BPM activities.

The essence of team building offerings are: Quality extended teams; Controlled directly by clients; Built & Operated effectively by Ramsoft.