Virtual Teams

Virtual Teams

With years of project delivery background and a core group of account managers, Ramsoft offers team-building services of extraordinary value.

Clients gained strategic advantage over their competitors through these extended team models, in technology, engineering and marketing fields. Our Proven processes, Ready to use infrastructure and Custom built teams helped them to kick-start projects with minimal cost and operational overheads. Even those who have not outsourced locally have built virtual teams with Ramsoft and have found working with us easy and effective.

Expanding one’s organization and market presence poses tough challenges. Acquiring space, finding right people, training, developing appropriate skills, procuring hardware, establishing technical and communications infrastructure and meeting the capital expenditure are just some of the definitive tasks on hand. The real management challenge is to blend the human, physical and financial resources into one productive unit.

Ramsoft offers a unique partnering concept – the Virtual Extended Teams. Here, corporate clients establish an offshore facility – for R&D, software development, marketing or engineering activities – by using the infrastructure, technical resources and management team made available by Ramsoft. A virtual extension of the partner’s in-house organization, without efforts or overheads.

When you partner with us, you outsource only operational phases of setting up a remote center, and not your core skills. We then take full responsibility for the initial setup including the location, infrastructure, staffing, process setup, HR management, and administration. All these are offered with no up-front capital investment and low monthly payments – bringing quality, cost effective results.

Ramsoft Proposes Virtual Extended Teams, with these proven strengths…

  • Past experience in setting up dedicated facilities for multinational clients.
  • Immediate availability of managerial, administrative and other staff to bootstrap these facilities.
  • Ability to recruit, train and deploy technology and domain experts.
  • Capacity to build, operate, manage and deliver projects in many domains.
  • Flexibility and adaptability as a partner to give exactly what the clients are looking for.